3 Pleasure Principles to Live By

We all want it. It's one of the most primal human desires, if not the most. But navigating it sometimes is complicated AF. Whether you're in a relationship or single, sex is almost never straight forward. 

But despite all the complications with sex, what we all desire is pleasure and connection. The pleasure principle, right? 

So how can you make sex a pleasure priority this summer, the sexiest of all seasons?

You gotta spice it up.

Sex is so much more than just sex. It's about confidence, vulnerability, sensuality and fantasy. In the spirit of self-seduction, let's talk about 3 ways you can achieve the ultimate pleasure points this summer... 

The Pleasure Principles

  1. Let's talk self-seduction first. You need to get in touch with your bod in order to spice things up with your partner. Bottom line? You have to know what you like. Most of us dibble dabble in the self-pleasure arena whether we want to admit it or not. No shame in our game. Luckily in 2019, it's no longer an off-topic subject for women and you may have noticed it being talked about more and more on the web. From sex adaptogens to natural lubes to female orgasms, seemingly no subject related to your sexy-self is off the table these days.
  2. What's your fantasy? The Luzuli Muse indulges herself. She's open with her partner about her fantasies and what she prefers in the bedroom. For the single ladies, it's all about finding that partner that's on the same page. Nothing worse than a guy who won't indulge in a bit of the danger zone, right? Love dirty talk? For goodness sake, don't commit to the guy who hates doing it. If you're working from a clean slate, it's the perfect opportunity to find a partner that sexually is on the same page. For the committed woman, perhaps your fantasies weren't exactly at the forefront of your desires when you committed to your man. But now they just won't go away. No time like the present to tell him. Just make sure he knows that he's on the forefront of your mind to help get him in the mood.
  3. Let's get sensual. Indulging in your senses will liven up your sex life more than you can imagine. Light candles, put on that mood music and pour a flirt tonic that will loosen you up. Now, pre-game, smooth your skin with our upcoming Ocean Polish Body Scrub (a sensual act in itself) and get glowy with our Ocean Butter Body Balm. Your bod will be one of a goddess by the time he gets to it. And don't forget to slip into your silk kimono pre-foreplay. Trust us on this.

Bottom line? You deserve to have pleasure in your life. If you're in a pleasure rut and don't know how to escape it, start by treating yourself first. You'll be surprised how much it will turn you on. 

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