Benefits of Salt Scrubs and Soaks

Here at Luzuli we're all about salty rituals. Between a blissful salt scrub and relaxing in a hot salt bath, this magical ingredient is amazing for the skin, body and even peace of mind. Let's check out the key ways that make salt scrubs and soaks a self-care necessity...

The benefits of using Salt Scrubs and Soaks in your self-care rituals

  • Buff away dead skin for a glowing complexion.
  • Increase circulation and blood flow.
  • Uplift your mood and promote relaxation.
  • Ease sore muscles when used in a soak. 
  • Soothe and calm skin.

Benefits of Salt Scrubs and Soaks

Photo of Luzuli Ocean Polish Body Scrub by Kate of Paper Birch

The Salty Details

Exfoliation - The main benefit that most refer to when talking about a salt scrub is what an amazing ingredient it is for removing dead skin from your body. Applying the salt scrub to your body in a circular motion buffs away dry, dead skin leaving healthy, glowing skin underneath. 

Our Ocean Polish Body Scrub was inspired by the Pacific Ocean and in fact, we use solar dried Pacific sea salt as the exfoliating ingredient. There's just something about getting an incredible scrub down from salt that revives you and leaves you glowing. 

Salt in body scrubs can come in coarse or fine textures. Our particular scrub uses a fine texture, which we find is easier to apply, is more gentle than coarser salts yet still gives you an invigorating scrub.

Increase Circulation - There's no doubt that when you use a salt scrub, it gets your blood flowing. A major benefit of a salt scrub is how it increases circulation, which brings more oxygen to your skin keeping it healthy and youthful looking. 

May Uplift Mood - Not only does it work as an exfoliator, but it makes you feel alive. When mixed with a blend of uplifting citrus essential oils and blue tansy, not only does it invigorate, but it feels uplifting. We often use our Ocean Polish if we're ever in a bad mood or feeling glum, and whoa, it feels amaze.

Ease Sore Muscles - Epsom salt in particular has been known for hundreds of years as a remedy that when used as a bath soak can ease sore muscle aches and pains plus loosen stiff joints. While there's no modern studies to back this folk remedy, if you've ever taken a salt bath there's no doubt that your whole body feels relaxed afterwards. Many attribute this to the magnesium found in Epsom salts that may soak into skin when the salt in dissolved in bath water.

Soothe Skin - According to Healthline, sea salt "can help calm the symptoms of certain skin conditions."

Healthline quoted dermatopathologist Dr. Gretchen Frieling explaining, “Salt baths can help remove scales and decrease the bothersome itching caused by psoriasis,”

When it comes to which salt to choose for your salt soak for skin benefits, Dead Sea Salts are considered to have the highest quality for therapeutic uses such as soothing skin. 

It should be noted that you should not take a salt bath if you have open wounds, and if you suffer from any skin related disease, you should check with your doctor first before trying a salt bath as a remedy. 

Relaxation - Lastly, in addition to epsom salts, dead sea salts can promote relaxation when used in a salt soak. Simple dissolve in warm to hot water in your bath with or without essential oils to unwind.

As you can see there are so many benefits to using a salt scrub or soak, not only for your skin, but peace of mind. 

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