Best Body Exfoliators for Soft Glowing Skin

With so many different types of body scrubs out there, it may be confusing to decide which one to go with. Today we'll break down three of the best types of body exfoliators that are known to help keep skin soft and glowing. 

3 Major Types of Body Exfoliators

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Coffee

Chances are you've seen all of these ingredients used in body scrubs. Most use one of these as their main exfoliating ingredient. These natural ingredients are ideal for use on the body because of their coarse textures that can easily buff away dead skin to reveal smoother, softer skin and have been known to increase circulation. 

Salt - This versatile ingredient is known as a natural detoxifier used not only in body scrubs, but also in salt soaks to potentially ease sore muscles and soften skin. Salt can come in coarse or fine textures. Larger salt crystals have a more abrasive affect on the skin. Some people may actually prefer a coarser scrub because of its more intense exfoliation process, whether that means they enjoy the feel of it or just the results. This also depends on your skin type, for example, if you have more sensitive skin, a more gentle body scrub is probably ideal. 

At Luzuli, we use a fine Pacific sea salt in our Ocean Polish, that gives a gentle to mild exfoliation. We also find that it's easier to use the scrub when the salt crystals are fine instead of coarse. 

Sugar - This is another standard ingredient used in many scrubs. Sugar for the most part comes in fine grains and can be more of a gentle scrub. There aren't additional benefits to using sugar in a scrub other than it being a top notch exfoliator.

Coffee - No doubt we've seen coffee scrubs explode in the last five years thanks to the claim that it's good at combating cellulite due to it containing caffeine. While concrete evidence is lacking as to whether coffee scrubs can indeed reduce cellulite, many people swear by it and some brands even tout it as a claim. Coffee as an exfoliator can be either abrasive or more gentle depending on the size of the coffee grinds. One thing we know for sure, it's definitely the messiest of all scrubs and can leave your bathtub looking like it needs a good cleaning afterwards. 

Best Body Exfoliators for Soft Glowing Skin

Which scrub is right for you?

The key is trying different scrubs until you find one you fall in love with. Of course, we're partial to our Ocean Polish Sea Salt Body Scrub which not only exfoliates beautifully for soft, smooth skin, it also keeps your bathtub clean and smells like vacay in a jar. 

Experience ocean bliss with an invigorating blend of Pacific sea salt, blue tansy, coconut, mango, citrus and botanical oils that buff and leave skin soft, silky and hydrated.

Solar evaporated fine sea salt is known to detox skin, and gently exfoliates and increases circulation while a deeply moisturizing blend of mango butter and plant oils softens and smooths skin. Use every other day for consistently luminous skin or weekly as a luxurious treat for your body and mind.

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