Hero Ingredient: Blue Tansy Essential Oil Skin Benefits

The star hero ingredient in both our body scrub and body balm is the exquisite blue tansy essential oil. In the last decade, this stunning blue oil has become a revered natural ingredient for soothing inflamed skin.

Blue tansy is created from tanacetum annuum flower, otherwise known as Moroccan chammomile or Moroccan tansy. It's actually a bright yellow flower, but yields a beautiful blue oil through a steam distillation process. 

Let's take a look at the skin benefits that makes blue tansy such a coveted luxury oil.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil Skin Benefits

Photography by Lauren Vandie

How does blue tansy effect your skin?

Blue tansy is similar to chamomile in that it has a calming effect on irritated skin. According to Healthline, one of its key components, sabinene, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and the other, camphor, can help reduce inflammation. Blue tansy's soothing properties on both body and mind is what makes it ideal not only for skin care treatments and products, but also for overall well-being. 

How we use blue tansy at luzuli

Blue tansy essential oil was actually the original inspiration behind both our Ocean Polish and Ocean Butter. We wanted to create both a concentrated salt body scrub and plant based body balm with a blue hue reminiscent of our beloved Pacific Ocean. Kate, our founder, had used blue tansy in her own personal formulations and fell in love with the ingredient, not only for its blue color and healing properties, but also it's subtle floral scent. 

It's an essential ingredient in both products that were designed and formulated to be gentle yet effective for all skin types. The beautiful calming properties sink into pores, not only soothing inflamed skin, but also calming our nervous system which is essential for keeping a youthful glow. Its aroma is uplifting and relaxing, so blue tansy is perfect for using any time of the day to regulate and reduce stress as well.

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