How a Silk Kimono Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Oh, the silk kimono. It's the “take me to bed or lose me forever outfit”.  Otherwise known as the gift that keeps on giving.

Why, you ask?

First off, it’s an outfit you can lounge around in on a daily basis while still looking seductive, even if you’re not trying. It’s just the nature of the kimono. Unlike yoga pants or worse, sweatpants, you will come off like a queen even if you initially feel blah. Once you slip into silk, the truth is you will feel like royalty.

Shall we go on?

So all those nights spent watching Netflix with your significant other that results in no action? Because neither of you are in the mood? Oh yes…it happens to every relationship. We’re telling you, comfy outfits (aka leggings that you wear every damn day) are sex killers. Why? Because dear, they’re SO boring. So predictable. He’s not surprised or kept on his toes at all. But a silk kimono? Now that's not predictable.

How a Silk Kimono Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Look, the bottom line is, routine kills sex. Trust us, we have experience in this firsthand. We’ve lived through it and have come out the other side. And we don’t ever want to go back.

Putting on the same boring (albeit comfy, look, we totally get it) clothes does not exactly get your man hot and bothered. Save the sweatpants for the nights you’re by yourself. If you live with your man, do not make your comfy go to clothes a nightly thing. We repeat, do not… (you’ll thank us later).

A silk kimono is the perfect in between. How? Well, we’re from California, so we like casual. We’re also modern women. We’re not going to become a 1950s housewife who looks put together every moment of the day for our man. However with a silk kimono, none of that really matters. The silk takes every thing up a notch without you needing to do anything. Suddenly, everything becomes sensuous. Even if you’re by yourself, it completely changes the game. You feel different. You’re aware. You’re turned on. He notices. Easy peasy. Game over…

It’s not just about wearing the kimono. Just as good is the taking it off part. Or even leaving it half way on... and did we mention it comes with a sash? Oh, the things you can do with a silk sash…

Look, we're red blooded women, we know what we like. A bit horny, admittedly. But still classy. See, that's where the kimono comes in...the perfect evening at home attire.

So like we said, the silk kimono is the “take me to bed or lose me forever outfit”. Better than lingerie.

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