How to Be Luxuriously Lazy

Being lazy in 2019 is almost an oxy moron. If anything, most of us are busier than ever. Between work, appts. relationships, friends and of course, social media, it's difficult to find a morsel of time just to be, well, completely utterly lazy.  

In order to find the time to be lazy on purpose, you must define what exactly being lazy entails for you. For some of us, it may be reading, binging on Netflix, having no events or appts you have to go to, or just having an hour to soak in a bath. 

Being lazy, or indulgently lazy, is almost an art. We're not quite talking about being mindful here because being mindful and shutting out your typical indulgences to be "healthy" isn't really being lazy. It's just another activity you feel forced to do. No, to be truly lazy, it must feel so good, that there's some sort of guilt to doing it, but not enough guilt to stop you from enjoying it. 

For the Luzuli Muse, being lazy, luxuriously lazy that is, usually means lounging in some type of sexy silky thing, perhaps having a cocktail or tea on hand, perhaps taking a bath and some much needed self care time (our upcoming Ocean Body Duo is perfect for that) and then well perhaps binging Netflix, reading a raunchy novel (let's be honest) or entwined with your lover all morning or day in bed or on the couch, occasionally having sex here and there. It's the simple things, really.

Yes, if it sounds too good to be true, it doesn't have to be. Being luxuriously lazy means living the good life. You absolutely deserve it, so just enjoy it.