How to Create A Luxury Escape at Home

One of the reasons I created the Luzuli lifestyle was because I’m obsessed with all things sensual and creating a luxurious escape right at home. I often think, how am I not a Taurus? Maybe it’s the Scorpio, Sag or Virgo in my chart that makes me a bit obsessive compulsive with textures, scents and anything that has a bit of sheen or color.

This obsession is in part why I had to make both of our Ocean Body Glow Duo a pretty blue hue and why I chose the luxe silk charmeuse fabric for our Muse Kimonos. I have to have those pretty colors and textures. It's an all around sensual experience!

What creates your luxurious escape?

Luxury comes in all different textures and colors. You have to decide what feels luxurious to you and then design from there. For some neutrals and a more minimalistic approach feels luxe while others crave color and maximalist design. Personally I fit somewhere in the middle and like to use both. 

When it comes to my home I want it to feel like a luxurious beach house resort or beach front property in Malibu or up the coast in Santa Barbara, but with a retro twist. I’m often inspired by vintage homes of the 70s. There’s also a kind of 80s revival that I’ve been noticing (like the set up from Urban Outfitters below), and reminiscing and liking quite a bit as well. 

How to Create A Luxury Escape at Home

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

To make my home feel like a luxurious escape, I use sensual textures like velvet, silk, suede or satin. For instance, my bed cover is velvet and my pillowcases are silk (a must for good hair and skin by the way). My couch is a warm suede (so comfy) and I use a luxurious faux fur throw to take it up a notch. I also have a tufted headboard that makes my bed feel like it’s in a high-end hotel. I also LOVE plush blankets. Instead of a top sheet I use a plush blanket under my bedspread. It’s a very simple thing you can do to make your bed feel more luxurious. 

The luxurious details...

Candles and ambiance are a must. I use our Summer Fling candle regularly to fill my home with scents of summer even during the winter months. I’m a summer girl at heart so to me that’s what makes my home most cozy.

Mood lighting is everything. In the evening I usually turn off all the main lights and just use my salt lamp for an amber glow. Love.

I always have our body care products on hand to brighten up my day. I use our Ocean Butter balm regularly after showing and it keeps me supple all day long. Whenever I’m feeling down I use our Ocean Polish body scrub for perking myself back up. It’s amazing what a luxurious salt scrub can do for your mood. 

Lastly I always have dark chocolate and La Croix on hand. It may seem simple, but these little daily pleasures at home can really make your day so much more enjoyable. 

- Kate

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