How to Seriously Enjoy Being Single

Are there perks to being single? Um, hell yes. There are so many bonuses single women get to enjoy that our friends in relationships just can't. And always remember, being single isn't a life sentence. At some point you're likely to enter another serious relationship. So ladies, you might as well enjoy your freedom while you can...

10 Ways to Enjoy Being Single

  • Freedom of time
  • Flirt every damn day...with whoever you want
  • Listen to your kind of music
  • Girls night out
  • Have your pick of the litter
  • No drama
  • Travel, shop, do whatever YOU want
  • Cooking for one
  • Watch horrendous reality TV without judgement
  • Your own space

Freedom of Time - This perk is huge. When you're in a serious relationship it can seem like you rarely get time to yourself. And all that time together may seem nice...for awhile. But the freedom to use your time the way you want it without having to plan for events with your significant other's family and friends, or cooking dinner or even spending every night watching Netflix is kinda nice. Being single really is the only time you have ample time to yourself so instead of feeling lonely, why not enjoy it? 

Flirt Every Damn Day - Yup. It's so true. When you're single, you can flirt to your heart's delight and never ever feel bad about it. That cute waiter. Time to flirt. Social outings that involve cute boys. Hello, flirt. While light flirtation may not be a relationship deal breaker, it can be a slippery slope in certain situations. But when you're single? It's a slippery slope you have all the freedom to slide down. So go for it.

Listen to Your Kind of Music - Ahh, music. To some of us, it can be a real deal breaker. What if you meet a cute guy, start dating and realize you don't like the same music? He likes country and punk and you like 80s and dance. BIG problems. See, when you're single you can listen to all the cheesiest music you love without anyone judging you. A MAJOR perk.

Girls Night Out - First rule of girls night out when you're single? There are no rules. Lucky you. Yep, it's your chance to let loose. And maybe you do wish you had a cutie at home to come back to. Don't worry, that will happen soon enough. But for now, you can meet as many hotties as you want when you're out and about with your girls. So take advantage while you can. 

Your Pick of the Litter - We know, we know, dating can be really hard. And really frustrating. But it must feel somewhat good to know that you're free to find the person you're really supposed to be with. A much better situation than being with the wrong person, right? So if things didn't turn out the way you had hoped with the last guy, have faith that the right one for you will show up eventually. 

No Drama - Now, we're not saying you can't have drama if you're single. Oh no, there's potential for a ton of drama no matter what your relationship status is. But let's face it. When you're single there definitely seems to be a lot less day to day drama. If you were with the wrong guy who drives you insane, well being single can actually seem like a blessing.

Travel, Shop, Do Whatever You Want - Along the lines of freedom of time is the freedom to do whatever it is you want. Gone are the days where you have to explain your whereabouts or why you bought a new outfit, or that yes, you are going to that retreat even if he doesn't want to go. These are the days to seek pleasure in things you enjoy. Which can also mean self-care every damn day. Yay.

Cooking for One - If you've ever lived with a significant other than you know that cooking can sometimes start to turn into a chore. Which one of you cooks? What if you're not in the mood for the same thing? What if he just wants to eat carbs for dinner and you're trying to not eat carbs for dinner? Cooking for one can be so much easier.

Watch Really Bad TV - Yes, we all know boyfriends and husbands hate The Real Housewives. But in the privacy of your new found singlehood, you can watch really terrible TV without anyone asking, "Ugh, why would you watch that?" See, we know these shows are terrible, but there's just something about vegging out to RHONY that's just so damn satisfying. We can't explain it. And we don't have to when we're single. 

Your Own Space - If you're lucky enough to have a boyfriend or husband that just lets you decorate your home however you'd like, count your blessings. But most of the time a shared space with a dude means shared decor ideas and a lot of random, not particularly attractive "things" or "trinkets" from their previous bachelor pad. Don't get us wrong, a shared space between two people should represent both parties, but there's just something so amazing about having your own space you can do whatever you want with. 


If you're single, lonely and have had a hard time in this modern dating world, we hear you. We've been there and some of us are currently in the crux of it ourselves. But we have to remember all the perks that can actually come along with being single. Because someday when you meet that future stud, along with his killer smile can come a lot of compromising. So for the meantime why not enjoy being single?

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