How to Have Hydrated Skin Through Santa Ana Season

Autumn in California usually means super dry air and gusts of Santa Ana winds here and there. When Santa Ana's roll through it can feel like every inch of moisture has been sucked out of you. It's not a pleasant feeling to say the least. In fact, that's exactly what this annual type of weather is doing, removing your skin's natural oils. So keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated is key.

How to Hydrate Your Body During Dry Season

To avoid that parched feeling, you'll want a moisturizer that will really seal in hydration to avoid having to constantly reapply, or worse still feel parched even after applying product. Sealing in means you'll want a moisturizer that can create a physical barrier between the elements and your skin, and hold in your skin's natural hydration and oils. Not all moisturizers are great for you this as you've probably discovered at some point.

So which type of moisturizer is ideal to seal and protect your skin? You'll want something thick, but that can also absorb. We've talked about this before on the blog; using a body oil, balm or butter that is so thick and literally just sits on top of your skin isn't really ideal. We want to avoid that feeling of having to wipe off excess moisturizer because it won't absorb. 

That is exactly we why formulated our Ocean Butter Body Balm specifically for our Cali weather. A completely oil and plant butter based moisturizer (contains no water) will keep your skin hydrated and protected. The key that makes ours different? While it's thick and fluffy out of the jar, it immediately turns into an oil once it's applied to your skin making it super easy to apply. You just need a tiny bit and not only will it go a long way, but it absorbs superbly well, leaving your skin supple despite those annoying Santa Ana's!

Another step in the process is to always apply your moisturizer when your skin is damp. So obviously, as most of us know, applying it right after we've toweled off from a shower is ideal. That way your pores are open and ready to receive all of that hydration goodness. Now, not all of us shower every day (which can also dry your skin out even more if you're not properly moisturizing). If that's the case, you can apply a light rose water mist and let that soak in before applying your moisturizer. 

Keeping Your Face Moisturized

That's the ideal Santa Ana process for your body, but what about for your face?

If you don't know the proper way to apply your facial products to seal in moisture, we're going to tell you right now. After you've washed your face, you'll want to apply a facial mist along the lines of rose water. Not anything like a toner that could strip your skin even more. After the mist, this is the time apply your serums, whether you use one or more. After that, apply your favorite facial oil to lock in the serums.

Now, if you have especially dry skin or mature skin (skin unfortunately becomes drier the older we get), you'll want to apply a thick sealing moisturizer on top of the oil. There are plenty of these formulated for facial care out there, you'll just need to do your research. If you don't have sensitive or skin prone to breakouts, you could even apply the Ocean Butter Body Balm as that sealing moisturizer. While it was formulated specifically for the body (heavy on the plant butters plus super nourishing candelia wax for super duper hydration) some of our customers with dryer or mature skin have used our body balm for their face for that exact reason,  because it is so hydrating.

Round up on How to Keep Your Skin Supple Despite Dry Santa Ana Winds

  • Use a rich body moisturizer that seals and protects the skin.
  • Moisturize after showering when pores are open.
  • Apply facial mist, serum and oil to keep face hydrated.
  • Apply a sealing facial cream if your skin is especially dry.
  • Use a hand cream frequently for dry hands.

Whatever products you decide to use, this is the season to be consistent about moisturizing on a regular basis. Not only will you glow, but your skin will feel SO good. Even despite those pesky Santa Ana's.

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