Night Cap Drinks for Bath Time & Lounging

While everyone else is obsessing over herbal teas, green juices and other healthy concoctions, the Luzuli Muse is enjoying ending the day with an occasional nightcap. Whether you're taking a bath or slipping into your kimono for some much deserved "me" time, a little drinky-poo is just what the doctor ordered. 

It may be whiskey, or a bit of champagne or white wine. Whatever your vice is, break out your favorite glass, pour away, light a candle or incense and get comfy. Listening to Sade never hurt too. 

Nightcaps are best done here and there. While we love to get a little saucy, we don't want to make it a nightly habit. Keep hydrated with water throughout the day so you can enjoy whatever your liquor of choice without the next morning hangover. Plus, you don't want this little ritual to dry out your skin (sowwie, yes we're all about fun, but let's face it, we love having glowy skin). 

Nightcaps for Bath Time & Lounging

What nightcaps are good for:

  • They loosen you up after a tense day. You know what we're talking about.
  • Girl talk with girlfriends...hello, a little cocktail makes girl talk so much more fun, right? Totes.
  • Late night flirt tonic. Yep, best to have a bit of your fave drink on hand in case the boy toy comes over. You think we're kidding...

Must haves to make this little vice even better:

  • Fancy glass. Homework: Get your bootie over to Anthro and pick out one or two gorgeous glasses to use for this ritual.
  • Top notch drink of choice. Maybe you're a lady with a stocked liquor cabinet, plus wine and champagne in the fridge. If that's the case, rock on, you don't need our help. But if you're just starting out, just keep your favorite bottle on hand for occasional cocktails. 
  • Music. Whether you like old school R&B, Post Malone or 80s soft rock, put on whatever floats your boat. Personally we love Yacht Rock (google if you're not aware of this phenomenal new/vintage genre), Sade or pretty much anything 70s.
  • A silk kimono to enjoy your cocktail in. Duh. Makes it so much tastier. And goes delightfully well with a flirt tonic.

Whether your nightcap is used as a flirt tonic, bath time cocktail, stress reducer or just something to sip on while watching Stranger Things, all we can say is cheers. And enjoy. Because we are.