How to Glow: The Ocean Glow Body Close Up

Sexy textures and luxurious salt crystals are going full frontal for our Ocean Body Glow Duo close up. Captured by Kate of Paper Birch, our Ocean Polish and Ocean Butter make their macro debut so you can experience a detailed view of the duo that will make you glow and swoon. 

Ocean Polish Luxury Body Scrub - Luzuli

Solar evaporated salt crystals straight from the Pacific Ocean increase circulation, soften dull skin and send your send you senses to a place reserved for beach holidays and beautiful summer surrounds. A delicate mixture of coastal salts, virgin coconut oils and creamy mango butter create a polishing paste designed to leave your skin silky to the touch.

Ocean Butter Luxury Body Balm - Luzuli

There’s no texture quite like our body balm. The fluffy blue enigma softens when warm, and melts into a silky blue pool on your skin. This is one product where a little bit goes a long way, leaving you with soft, supple skin throughout the day without the grease effect. Bask in the afterglow of our Ocean Butter cocoa-floral scent while your skin absorbs botanical goodness of rich plant butters and oils.