Self-Care Rituals For the Capricorn Babe

We can't let Capricorn Season escape us before chatting a bit about the Capricorn babe. This strong, independent female ruled by Saturn is a cool mix of traditionalism, ambition and complete organization. Often thought of as an old soul, Cap beauties are known as one of the more reserved signs of the zodiac, preferring security over the more care-free or over the top tendencies of fire and air signs, and even the emotionality of water signs. 

As an earth sign, Capricorn is grounded, but she also has tendencies towards stagnation and anxiety. You could say they're self-proclaimed control freaks. An expert at self-discipline, regular self-care rituals are actually totally in their wheel house, but since they tend to air on the side of being a perfectionist, self-care rituals for the Cap babe should be centered around letting go, relaxation and enhancing a positive mood. 

Beauty and Wellness Rituals for Capricorn Beauties

  • Light a candle and take a long hot bath to release stress from your day.
  • Start your day with a full body salt scrub to ease tension and uplift spirits. 
  • Give yourself a self-massage to rid your body to encourage the flow of energy and increase calmness.

As all signs have extremes, when taking care of themselves regularly Cap babes can ease away from being rigid and letting her inner girly girl come out for some fun.

However there's something to be learned from this sign. After all, most of the time she's able to accomplish easily what the rest of us desire; goals, organization and getting about a million things done. So with that, she deserves a day of loving self-care. 

Wishing a Happy Birthday to all the Cap babes out there.

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