Self-Seduction Summer Challenge

Stuck in a rut? Our Summer Self-Seduction Challenge will teach you how to treat yourself like royalty, boost your confidence and get your mojo back, babe.

This is a challenge you won't find anywhere else. One that allows you to get in touch with your indulgences, be luxuriously lazy all the while pumping up your self confidence and letting your sexy self emerge without restraint. 

What this challenge is not: 

  • A diet.
  • An exploration into mindfulness (um, there are about a gazzilion of these out there)
  • Wellness related (except that you will enjoy it, which will ultimately make you happy, so...)
  • Boring.

What this 3-day challenge explores: 

  • Skincare & beauty
  • Sex & relationships
  • Style
  • How to be lazy in the best way possible
  • Guilty pleasures
  • How to treat yourself like royalty

Sound good to you?

Sign up here to join this quick summer challenge to boost your confidence, enjoy life and be f'n happy. 

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