The Art of the Beauty Ritual

We all love the idea of beauty rituals, but carving out time to actually enjoy them is something many of us struggle with. Between work, kids, husband, boyfriends, cooking, commutes and even social media, squeezing in an another hour of "I should" sometimes doesn't seem appealing.

But with beauty rituals it doesn't have to be "I should". To truly enjoy a beauty ritual, you'll probably feel "I want" or "I can't wait" to have my "me" time or let's face it, you're probably not going to do it!

There is an art to a ritual and that doesn't mean a bunch of steps to do in order to make it official. All it takes is product that makes you enjoy the process rather than just wanting the result. 

The Art of the Beauty Ritual

That's why when we created our Ocean Polish Body Scrub and Ocean Butter Body Balm we wanted to make it an uber luxurious experience that you look forward to either every day or once a week. It's playful, aesthetically gorgeous and does the job in making you feel like a queen plus getting those skincare results that you crave; smooth, supple and glowing skin. All the while making it feel like summer lasts forever.

The best thing about beauty rituals is the self confidence that begins to emerge because it makes you feel so damn good! The true sign of a ritual worth its salt. 

No matter what you choose to be your beauty ritual, make sure it's something you look forward to experiencing every week. Rest assured you'll be ritualizing yourself to gorgeous skin and a magnetic attitude.

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