The Modern Kimono: Essential Every Day Luxury

Our first blog post ever for Luzuli we wrote about How a Silk Kimono Can Spice Up Your Sex Life. While that is entirely true (tried and tested), it's not just about wearing a short and sexy silk kimono for your partner. 

It's about how you feel when you're wearing it. 

The kimono is simple essential every day luxury that can change everything in your life. You think we're kidding...we're not.

Why essential luxury is a must

Imagine coming home when the weather is warm and instead of putting on your normal comfortable lay around clothes, that instead you slipped into a luxurious silk kimono made specially for you. It's short and casual enough, yet still luxe so you feel stunning, but not too over done. It's flirty, floaty and super comfortable so you can move around easily as opposed to a long kimono that potentially drag on the floor, or if you're short (like us) you can also potentially trip over. And whether you wear your regular panties, a bikini, special lingerie or even nothing at all underneath you feel free and not constricted. 

We often wonder, why are we so damn obsessed with our Muse Kimono?

Because it can make you feel like a brand new woman every day.

The kimono is about you. It's an indulgence you give to yourself for all of your hard work. Yes, you deserve to rest and rest in luxury in your spare time.

Look, you work hard, right? You may have a family, you may not. You may have a job and a family. The majority of women, single, married or with families are busy to the max.

Yes, you deserve to come home and feel better than just good, to feel attractive even if no one is around to see you except you catching a glimpse of your own reflection in the mirror. And you deserve to have your "kimono nights" if you're a busy mother. 

While we love casual (we are from California after all), there is nothing like slipping into a silky kimono after a hard day's work. It lifts your spirits, you feel like the queen of your home and it can literally give you newfound confidence overnight. 

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