5 Most Effective Ways to Naturally Reduce and Prevent Wrinkles

Over the years I've experimented with ways of preventing and reducing wrinkles and below are the 5 most effective natural ways I've personally found. These tips are in addition to the typical wellness tips for healthy skin like not smoking, eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and getting a full night's sleep. If you really want to take your anti-wrinkle game up a notch, I recommend following the steps below as well. 

5 Most-Do Steps for Reducing and Preventing Wrinkles

  • Consistent Skincare Routine
  • Using a Silk Pillow at Night
  • Wearing Sunglasses and Being Aware of Facial Expressions That Can Age You
  • Dry Brushing and Body Exfoliation
  • Rich and Effective Body Cream after Showering

How I've Prevented Wrinkles the Last 20 Years

 How I've Reduced and Prevented Wrinkles Naturally

Post by Luzuli Founder, Kate

At 40 I often get mistaken for being in my late 20s or early 30s. Sometimes it's almost shocking to people when they realize I'm about ten years older than they thought. And this is without the use of Botox or pharma type skincare. I'm not trying to toot my own horn here though! I'm the worst at self promotion and would rather stay behind the scenes (hence my low quality iPhone selfies, haha). But I bring this up because I want to show other women that it's possible to reduce and prevent wrinkles without invasive procedures, although to be clear I have no judgement on Botox, fillers, etc. But for myself so far at least, I've only used really simple natural tactics that one can do at home to keep my skin youthful looking. The key to more youthful skin, like everything else in life, is consistency. Luckily these are super easy to incorporate and make a huge difference!

It's important to note that these are in addition to a healthy lifestyle in general. Personally, I'm sort of a reformed health nut. I've done it all and am happy to say that I've come to a place where healthy meets reality. Meaning, I'm not super anal about health like I used to be. I eat healthy about 80 to 90% of the time, but I still have fun. I still eat naughty foods during the holidays and have cocktails with friends every now and again. There's not a lot that I've cut completely out of my life, but the majority of the time (and this is also key) I eat pretty clean.

I'm not a doctor, but from personal experience, foods that can really wreck your skin are fried foods. Stay away! Stay away from bad fats and junk food on a daily basis. They're just terrible for your skin and will age you fast, especially if you spend time in the sun. That being said an occasional donut or bag of Doritos won't wreck your skin thank goodness. 

Now speaking of the sun, I do personally spend time in the sun. I believe the sun can be good for me, I just know my limits. I wear a natural tinted sunscreen on my face daily and then sometimes a zinc oxide sunscreen on my chest and shoulders if I'm at the beach. Here's the key, you have to know your skin type and slowly build tolerance to the sun. I'm mostly mixed Northern and Southern European decent so while I'm pale during the winter I can get tan during the summer. I can spend about an hour in the sun without sunscreen and not get burned. In my case I've found it's actually worse to slather myself in sunscreen and be out in the sun for long amounts of time. That's when I do get burned. So I've learned. I go out for shorter amounts of time, get all that good vitamin D on my skin and the result is tan, glowing skin. And I always follow up my time in the sun with our Ocean Butter Body Balm, a super rich moisturizer, to keep my skin hydrated. 

Another key thing I've found is eating a balanced diet and with plenty of good fats like grass-fed butter, avocado, salmon and nut butters. Again I'm not a doctor, but this has been what's worked for me. 

Lastly, when it comes to healthy skin, stress can just wreck your looks not to mention everything else in life, right? So let's be honest, there's no way to get around not having stress. We all have it come up in some form every day. It's how we let it affect us. To reduce the effects of stress you just have to find a healthy way of releasing it whether it be exercise, meditation, yoga or even laughter. 

The 5 Tactics

So now that we've covered the health basics when it comes to youthful skin, let's dive into my 5 natural tactics that really have sealed the deal in preventing and even reducing facial and body wrinkles:

Consistent Skincare Routine - If you want glowing, youthful skin there's no way to get around this step. I've found it just makes all the difference in the world. The key I've found is keeping your skin consistently hydrated. That is what really reduces the signs of aging.

The order in which you apply your facial skincare regimen is super important in addition to what you use. Now, personally I haven't used any retinol products to reduce wrinkles simply because I haven't found a need for it. At this time I don't even use an exfoliator on my face (my body is a different story). I've found as long as my skin is hydrated, it's as soft as when I've used an exfoliator in the past. Now this may depend on what kind of condition your skin is in, but the following steps are recommended for sealing in hydration.

I use an oil-based make-up remover and then a gentle cleanser to wash my face. Personally the older I've gotten, the drier my skin has become so it's been especially important to use products that don't strip my skin of its natural oils. After I pat my clean skin dry, I use a facial mist of some sort, like rose water. I let that set in, and then I use a super hydrating serum. One that is specifically designed for hydration and contains Hyaluronic Acid.

According to Harper's Bazaar“Because of its ability to draw and hold water, it can be used as a humectant in your skincare regimen,” says Dr. Rachel Nazarian, a dermatologist at the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. “It continually keeps skin moisturized throughout the day.”

I can attest to this! A hydrating serum with Hyaluronic Acid is a must in my facial care routine. So after letting the serum soak into my skin, I use a facial oil that I've personally formulated and hope to bring to Luzuli soon. It's a rich facial oil that is deeply moisturizing and a major key in sealing in moisture not only from the oils, but also the moisture from the previously applied facial mist and serum.

Now, because I am getting older and hydration is the major goal of my skincare routine to prevent wrinkles, I also use a facial cream on top of the oil. This does double duty in sealing in everything and leaves my skin soft to the touch the entire day. If you have oily or acne prone skin, you can skip the last step. But I would still apply a facial oil of some sort after the serum. Oily skin is usually oil prone because it's over producing oil. If you're constantly stripping your skin of natural oils, you're sending your body messages that it needs more sebum. From personal experience I used to have extremely oily skin when I was young and the only way I was able to reduce it was to apply a facial oil daily to balance my skin. It sounds counterintuitive, I know, but it works. 

Facial Care Steps to Reduce Wrinkles

  • Use a natural oil-based make up remover.
  • Wash skin with a gentle cleanser that won't strip natural oils.
  • Apply a facial mist like rose water.
  • Apply a serum formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate skin.
  • Apply a facial oil to seal in serum. 
  • For dry or mature skin apply a facial cream to seal in previous steps.

Using a Silk Pillow at Night - This step is so simple and so effective! For years I used a normal cotton pillowcase and would wake up with dry skin and creases in my face due to the fact that I toss and turn during the night. And for years I kept telling myself I wanted to try a silk pillowcase since I heard that it could possibly reduce wrinkles. Well, I finally got around to buying one and after using a silk pillowcase for the last couple of years I'm amazed at what a difference it has made in my skin. First of all, I don't wake up with dry skin anymore. And I definitely don't wake up with creases in my face despite the fact that I have not changed my sleeping habits.

According to Healthline, sleeping on a silk pillowcase can cause less friction on skin preventing irritation or damage, provides a cleaner sleep surface and is less drying for skin and hair.

This is a must for reducing and preventing wrinkles. 

Sunglasses and Being Aware of Facial Expressions - It might not sound like fun, but being aware of your facial expressions is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to preventing wrinkles. It's the same idea as botox without the botox. I'm mostly talking about facial expressions like furrowing your brow or expressions related to negative emotions. I'm not talking about laugh lines which personally to me I think are the kind of wrinkles you want to have! I have them, I'm not worried about them and I don't think they age me. But there are certain facial expressions that do age us, most of them having to do with negative emotions. Look, we all feel negative emotions from time to time. It's part of life and nothing to be ashamed about. But they don't have to be a permanent mark on our face.

According to Medical News Today, "The first wrinkles to appear on a person's face tend to occur as a result of facial expressions." If you're young, luckily time is on your side. Be aware of when you're scowling and just don't do it. It's all about being aware. That's it. 

Same with squinting in the sun or forehead lines and wrinkles. It's all about being aware, I can't say this enough. I'm not saying not to move your face at all. Not by a long shot. But if you are concerned about wrinkles and want to skip Botox down the line, this is a great way to do that! Repeated facial expressions can result in wrinkles, that's just reality. So next time you're frowning, try smiling instead. Not only does it prevent wrinkles, it will put you in a better mood. 

Now as much as I love the sun, one piece of advice that I must give is not to squint your eyes in the sun. If it's super bright outside and you find yourself squinting, time to break out those sunglasses. Squinting or furrowing your brow in the sun day in and day out is a sure fire way to get wrinkles quickly. If you care about not getting them, do yourself and favor and again, just be aware.

This tactic is best used for wrinkle prevention as opposed to reducing wrinkles that are already there. 

Dry Brushing and Exfoliation - Moving on to your body. Yes, wrinkles can happen to other parts of your body besides your face! In fact at Luzuli, we're very, very much about body care. You want your body to match your glowing face, right? That's why it's so important to take care of your body like your face. Luckily the skin on your body is a little tougher so it doesn't need as many steps as facial care. Just a couple of key steps will do the trick. 

Increasing circulation is key when it comes to the skin on your body. You want to flush out all those toxins that flow through your lymph nodes not only for your overall health, but also your skin health. Healthy skin is glowing and that's what we're going for. It's pretty standard, but I would recommend using a dry brush before you shower, always brushing towards your heart. You will feel the skin on your body tingle which means it's getting the blood flowing which is awesome for your skin. 

Note: You can do something similar to dry brushing for your face. Simply take a soft towel and rub your face with it before cleansing. You'll be surprised at just how much that will get your circulation flowing! This is a great alternative to using a rough exfoliant on your face which is exactly what you don't want to do. 

Similar to dry brushing, a salt scrub will just make your body feel ALIVE. Not only does it feel amazing, but it also helps to detoxify your skin by removing dead skin and getting that circulation flowing, providing more oxygen to your skin which means healthier skin and less wrinkles.

Effective Body Cream - Lastly, the key to achieving glowing skin on your body is following a good scrub or shower with a rich body moisturizer. You'll want something concentrated with plant oils and fats to seal in moisture. Personally I use our Ocean Butter Body Balm about every other day when I shower. The moisture it provides is super long lasting and leaves my skin soft for a couple of days. During the summer when I'm out in the sun more I use it on my chest daily to prevent aging on my chest, which can be a prime spot for wrinkles. It's full of shea, cocoa and mango butters and soothing lavender and blue tansy essential oils, plus other concentrated goodness. 


  • Use Your Skincare Regimen Day and Night
  • Use Your Silk Pillowcase Nightly
  • Wear Sunglasses to Prevent Squinting in the Sun Daily
  • Be Aware of Negative Facial Expressions Daily 
  • Dry Brush Before Showering Every Time
  • Use a Body Scrub 2 to 3 Times a Week
  • Use a Body Moisturizer Daily or Every Other Day

Reducing and preventing wrinkles can be proactive instead of reactive, and yes, you can do it at home. The key is making it part of your every day self-care plan. If you don't have much time just focus on these 5 key tactics. They will make a world of difference and will all become second nature.

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