Sexy Sagittarius Traits - The Sag Babe

Sag season is upon us. One of the funniest, liveliest of signs, the Sagittarius babe is the life of the party, but she's also so much more than that. 

With an appetite for travel, philosophy, humor and getting what she wants, Sag babes take their aim and do not hold back on achieving their desires. 

And with a fiery personality and positive vibes surrounding her, it can be said that one of her main goals is bringing a smile to those she comes in contact with. Of course, the no holds barred Sag gal can also stick her foot in her mouth more often than not. Her directness may result in speaking before thinking, or perhaps rather innocently thinking that speaking about inappropriate situations makes great small talk, often leaving her audience wide-eyed with shock. But you can't blame her. She means well. And is always going for a laugh, even if she doesn't get one at first.

Sexy Sagittarius Traits - The Sag Babe

When it comes to relationships she'll be the type of woman to make a move first, or at least make it known that he should. Her directness can be intimidating to men, but she's testing the waters. She wants to see if he can handle her. It's all very strategic. One thing is for sure, if you're interested in a Sagittarius babe, you better make your move fast because she often gets bored, and thus moves on very quickly, leaving you in the dust. 

Sags are jet setters and love adventure. They love combining the luxuries of life with more casual outdoor activities, making Sag one of the ultimate Luzuli muses. Beach by day, luxe kimono and candles by night. They enjoy the good things in life, preferring quality over quantity. But in addition to luxury goods and pleasures, she also has the need to philosophize and gab for hours on end about the really deep stuff like...who are we? Why are we here?

The best way to handle a Sagittarius? Pour this babe a cocktail and be prepared for some honest, amusing conversation and fun to the max.

Wishing a Happy Birthday to all the Sag babes out there.

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