Scorpio Season - The Scorpio Babe

It's nearly Scorpio season and we thought we'd highlight one of our favorite signs. A sign that definitely has influenced the creation and vibe of Luzuli. So, today all eyes are on the Scorpio babe, and boy, does she have a lot to say.

Although the archetype of Luzuli herself is most likely a mixture of a blend of signs (most notably Taurus, Virgo, Sag and Scorpio), Scorpio definitely stands out as a big chunk of the Luzuli persona. I mean, let's face it, a Scorpio babe is one of the more hedonistic signs out there. And since Luzuli is not just about the technicalities natural skincare or self-care rituals, but also the pleasurable experience of each with a hint of sexiness (or maybe more so a frankness), it's no doubt she's most definitely part Scorpio.

Scorpios often get tagged as the most sexual sign out there. But they're not just about getting it on. They want connection and emotion. This water sign is all about going deep. These babes look at the world as a mystery and aren't scared of the darkside. In fact, this is one sign that enjoys diving into the shadows of human existence. Curiosity is a virtue. 

Scorpio Season - The Scorpio Babe

The Scorpio babe most definitely would be lounging in our Muse Kimono in the color, Noir, and probably streaming the 80s erotic classic 9 1/2 Weeks, and probably wishing she had her own John Gray to banter with. Let's just say, she loves to break taboos and isn't afraid to say so. 

There is a sense of power with the Scorpio babe, meaning she loves it. Of course, she may not make it completely known to strangers like an Aries would, but behind the scenes she's making sure she's in control. This can also be a detriment because if she feels she is being used in away (she can often be suspicious), her sting can be extremely biting. Best not to piss her off. 

Lastly, you can have amazing no hold barred kind of conversations with Scorpios. No subject is off limits. There is no line drawn in the sand that you can't cross, no unspoken politically correct rules to keep in check. Which makes having a Scorpio babe as a friend super fun. Think brunch conversation with Samantha from Sex and the City. Anything goes.

There just some things that come along with the Scorpio personality; sexuality, curiosity, mystery, intimacy and even jealousy. She is a bundle of everything enticing, which makes her incredibly appealing in a have to have her kind of way. 

Wishing a seductive Happy Birthday to all the Scorpio babes out there.

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