Self-Care Rituals - How To Treat Yourself Like Royalty

At Luzuli our mission is to get you out of that rut of every day blah and instead, feeling like royalty. How? Well, it's pretty easy peasy.

Here are a few key things you can start doing to feel like royalty today

  • Take a long, hot bath.
  • Have a glass of champagne for no good reason.
  • Take a week off from cooking and order a meal delivery service like Freshly (we can attest, it makes our work days SO much easier).
  • Wear something sexy for no good reason.
  • Put on your most glamorous jewelry just to chill at home (again, no good reason is needed).
  • Light candles just because.
  • Splurge on self-care.
  • Pour your La Croix in a fancy glass.
  • Lounge, baby, lounge.
  • A silk kimono will always make you feel like royalty, hands down.

Do you see a pattern? You don’t need a good reason to feel like royalty. You just treat yourself better than you normally would. You take things up a notch. You make an effort. The effort results in feeling way better than just wearing the same old thing and doing the same old thing.

Lastly, you seduce yourself. That’s the key. And once you’ve fallen for your new royalty ways, you won’t want to stop. Trust us.

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