Why Body Care is Just As Important As Facial Care

There seems to be a universal consensus that when it comes to skincare, what you should really be paying attention to is your face and neck. There is good reason for that of course. What we see first is usually someone's face; their eyes, their skin and complexion. But we shouldn't fool ourselves that because we don't give the rest of our body the same treatment that it's somehow hidden from the world. Or that it's okay to ignore the skin on our body because it isn't as delicate and doesn't need as much attention. That is why body care is just as important as facial care. 

Why Should I Invest in Quality Body Care? 

The skin on our body may be not as delicate as facial skin, but it equally needs love from quality skincare. In fact, because in most cases it's been forgotten or taken care of with cheaper products, we would go as far to say most babes probably desperately need some real moisture and hydration on a regular basis. 

There are a million facial care products our there to help almost every skin ailment known: dry skin, acne, wrinkles, etc. There are few and far between quality body care products in comparison. 

Just remember that when you treat your face with those gorgeous luxury products and then use a less effective body care product over time, there will be a difference in how your face looks in comparison to your body. Your face could be glowing and the rest of your skin rough, dry and damaged. 

Who really wants that? No one! To be your most radiant self, the key is hydrating self care rituals for the entire body. 

This is why it is essential to at least treat your body with quality products that are going to seal in moisture, and keep it supple, glowing and soft. Sure, you don't necessarily need a serum, oil and cream for your body like you do for your face. But what you need is something to keep your skin baby soft and supple, without leaving your skin feeling dry just mere hours later.

why body care is just as important as facial care

Why we Chose to Focus on Body Care here At Luzuli

For these reasons, we really wanted to focus on two exclusive body care products for our launch. Not only would they be top quality products, but we wanted the experience of using them to be beneficial for body and mind.

It took us here at Luzuli about a year just to get that perfect version of the body scrub and body balm we wanted to create with our Ocean Body Glow Duo. Our goals?

A body scrub that was gentle, but still gave an excellent exfoliation. One that left you lightly moisturized as opposed to feeling like an oil slick when you got out of the shower. Or left your shower floor dangerously slippery. Besides these essentials, we wanted the experience of using the scrub to be just as pleasurable as the result. The light blue color, the scent and the subtle milky foam all add to the experience of being pampered all the while leaving your skin super duper soft. 

And our body balm? It's different than any other ones you'll find out there. Plant oil and plant butter based, but whipped into a gorgeous almost butter like texture. When warm it turns from a whipped balm into a thick oil, making it extremely easy to apply with just a little amount. In fact, a little goes a long way at keeping you supple and hydrated all day long. Apply just what you need and our specially formulated balm easily absorbs into your skin instead of sitting on top of skin like many other balms, oils and butters. Our recommendation? Use after showering and apply to skin when slightly damp. You won't need to apply for the rest of the day and your skin will feel supple and soft all day long. While our balm was formulated for extra moisture specifically for your body, some of our customers with especially dry skin have even used as a facial balm as well. 

Treating the skin on your body with love and goodness shows, trust us. That is exactly why we wanted to create products for the body. Especially for the body.

Whatever you do, remember you body doesn't want to be hidden away. It wants to glow along with your gorgeous face.

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