We created the Muse Kimono with the thought that this is a precious addition to your wardrobe, meant to last and be enjoyed for a very long time. Please take a look at the information and care recommendations below to ensure that your kimono stays beautiful for the long term.

About the Silk:

The Muse Kimono is crafted with fine 100% 19 Momme Silk from South Korea, made without Azo dyes and in a factory that uses a dual filtration system so water is recycled and reused when dyeing. It has a lustrous shine and drapes beautifully, the two main reasons we chose this silk in particular as the perfect fabric to create our kimono.

Silk may seem rather delicate, but it's actually a very strong fiber and a long lasting textile if properly cared for, two additional reasons why silk was the chosen fabric for the Muse Kimono.

Care Recommendations:

To ensure that your kimono stays in tip top shape, we recommend dry cleaning as the ideal way to clean your kimono.

Another option is to hand wash in lukewarm water (30C/86F) with a special detergent designed to wash silk.

We do not recommend machine washing. 

If you decide to hand wash your kimono, do not wring or twist it to remove water as that can tear the fibers of the silk. Gently squeeze to remove extra water and lay flat to dry. 

Do not tumble try. 

You can iron your kimono on the lowest setting or silk setting only.

Ironing recommendations:

  • Do not use an iron that is dirty or has metal stains as that can permanently damage the silk.
  • It is recommended to iron on a white or natural hued ironing board or place an un-dyed or light cloth or fabric over the ironing board to prevent the coloring of the ironing board from leaching onto your silk and possibly damaging it.
  • Dampen silk first with a water-filled spray bottle before ironing.
  • Only iron the matte backside of the fabric (as opposed to the shiny side) by turning your kimono inside out and using the lowest setting or silk setting on your iron. You can also use a press cloth (cotton cloth) between the iron and the silk.
  • Be gentle while you iron your kimono, don't tug or leave the iron in one place for too long.

Follow these recommendations and you'll be able to lounge in your kimono for years to come.