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Luzuli Luxury Body Care
Luzuli Luxury Body Care

Ocean Glow Body Duo

Finally got my hands on this sexy little pair and I'm happy as a clam!
love the salty scrub, keeps my skin feeling smooth. and don't get me started on the balm... it feels like a whip, smells absolutely divine, and leaves my skin radiating. Some similar products feel greasy, but this butter just leaves behind a summer glow. I'm hooked.


Absolutely LOVE this duo! They smell wonderful and work amazingly well. The scrub leaves my skin feeling so soft afterwards and the body balm keeps my typically dry legs glowing. Love that’s it’s whipped so it feels so light but definitely locks in the moisture I need!


I absolutely love my Ocean Polish Body Scrub & Body Butter! It is the best combination after a long day at the beach. I love that the ingredients are vegan and natural, highly recommend this product.


Ocean Butter Body Balm

I love this product. It feels so good on my skin and the scent is amazing.