A note from our founder, Kate Bello.

Sustainable American Luxury and What it Means at Luzuli

At Luzuli Sustainable American Luxury means a few key things. First it's a throwback to the 1970s, 1960s and before when 75% to 90% of American apparel and luxury goods were actually made here in the US as opposed to overseas.

Back then apparel was made to last. It was slow fashion without even trying. It's just the way things were. People bought less clothes essentially because there was less available, but they were of high quality. When you bought a new item, it was intended to be in your wardrobe for years to come. 

Today according to the American Apparel & Footwear Association, only around 3% of American brand clothes are actually made in the USA. 

While new trends can be fun to watch and participate in, I've found in my own experience that the excitement of buying them wore off quickly once I realized just how fast they fell apart. In the last couple of years I've moved towards buying higher quality key pieces for my wardrobe instead of constantly shopping for the latest trend that last only months or these days seemingly weeks. This is in part of just getting older and not being swept up by cheap thrills like I used to when I was younger. It's also been defining what my style is and only buying products that truly speak to me. It's been a process and this process has definitely influenced the creation of Luzuli.

Whether you love new fashion trends or have your own classic look that you stick to, think of Luzuli as a small branch of sustainable American made fashion, beauty and luxury goods to add to your personal collection.

Our History and Why Sustainable Luxury is Important to Us

When I graduated from FIDM in 2002 with a degree in Textile Design I was excited to finally begin my career in the world of fashion in Los Angeles. Unfortunately around 2002 was also the midst of when most of the US fashion industry had moved their production to China and overseas. By the time I graduated, there was barely a textile industry left in LA. Finding a job was not easy and staying in the industry was just not sustainable in the long term.

When I began this company I knew I wanted all of our production if possible, to stay in the US to help support our local industries.

As a California based company, we’re proud to say that our beauty products and kimonos are made right here in the USA. This is important to us for some key reasons. First we are supporting the American small businesses that manufacture our products, which means keeping and creating more jobs locally. It also means that by buying our products you are supporting our local economy and cutting out unnecessary transportation from overseas.

Slow Fashion and Beauty's Influence on Sustainable Luxury

At Luzuli, our products are not mass produced, but instead are created in small runs for quality over quantity. Slow fashion in regards to Luzuli means our silk kimonos are tailored in small orders in LA from a local manufacturer, also with the intention of being long lasting luxury pieces that will be in your wardrobe collection for years to come. 

Slow beauty at Luzuli means using skincare ingredients that are non-toxic, cruelty-free and organic when possible, which is extremely important to us. Just as important is that our skincare in hand-crafted in small artisan batches from a small and extremely talented manufacturer here in the USA. 

The Bottom Line

We designed Luzuli to be a vividly aesthetic luxury brand, but know that behind the scenes we're doing our best to be thoughtful in how we create our products. So enjoy our bit of luxury in good consciousness.